Cactus and Cactus Flowers

We had incredible rainfall last winter and this spring resulting in amazing flowers!  Everywhere I looked the cactus and plants looked so healthy, green and beautiful.  I love to photograph flowers of every type and I am amazed by nature and how each flower is its own world of beauty.  The colors and designs are endless; this too amazes me.

I am always learning and sometimes I learn from our collectors.  Barbara and Wade (from our Collectors Corner below) were also interested in photographs of cactus flowers.  Typically I take close up photographs of the flowers themselves.  However, Barbara wanted photographs that show more of the plant along with the flowers. 

I loved the results using her idea and I want to share them with you.  

Collectors Corner

From an artist perspective there is no greater joy than seeing your art on display in someone’s home or office.  We are always eager to see how creative our collectors are, and encourage them to send us photos of how our photographs fit with their decor. 

Wade and Barbara had purchased a panoramic of the Grand Canyon from us in the past for their bedroom. Now they wanted another panoramic to fit their custom built entertainment center.  To ensure the perfect fit, I started with a free in home consultation.  Together we created a custom panoramic that fit in their entertainment center perfectly. 

What our collectors are saying

I was thrilled to receive this review from Wade in regard to the photograph for his custom order:

“Teresa from T&K images was very helpful in taking our idea for a picture we wanted and changing it into a custom size and helped us crop the picture for the best effect. Everything was completed on time and we are thrilled with our new artwork.”

Written By: Teresa Peters

If you would like to add the images outlined in this story to your collection, please click on the links below each image to see our display options, sizes and pricing.

Click here to see all our cactus flower photographs.

Click here to see all our other flower photographs. 

Written By: Teresa Peters

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